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ACT Party leader draws a crowd

David Seymour, leader of the ACT Party, addressed a large crowd of over 250 people at Whitianga Hall on Sunday morning. He had two hours with this large gathering, before he would also repeat a similar message at Whangamata and Pauanui. He introduced himself for a few minutes, spoke for an hour and then received questions for a half hour. The people who came were largely 60 years of age and over but there was still quite a few younger parents. Their body language was not of idle interest it for a Sunday relaxing time to listen to what a politician had to say. You could feel intensity and even anger in some of the people. This was not directed at David but at the situation they see through the filter of their experience of life in New Zealand. Everyone came knowing they would hear news and policies about promised change. Of course, there is the reality that ACT is not in power so it’s all about the future but I sense that every political speaker up to the election might bring a crowd. People are wound up and want to effect some change. David spoke clearly and listened carefully. All his points on behalf of ACT can be heard from the livestream recording done by Coromandel CFM. Please check their Facebook page. Thank you to the small committee led by Ady Cole-Ewen for the organisation of this event.


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