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American Muscle for Independence Day

There’s a loud and vibrant community amongst car enthusiasts, focused on American Muscle, Street and Custom cars. With more than 200 members, and more being added every month, it’s no wonder that we can often see these cars travelling in convoys around the country.

To celebrate the American Independence Day on July 4th, the Whitianga chapter of the American Muscle Street and Custom Car club is holding a rally on Saturday 2nd, starting at Buffalo Beach at 2pm, and finishing up at Grace O’Malley’s. It’s not just open to American or even muscle and custom cars. If you’re driving something noteworthy, you’re welcome to join in.

Drivers and passengers are urgent to dress in red, white and blue- a prize for the best dressed.

Sunday 11.00am is the follow-up Cars and Coffee at Smitty’s.

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