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An exhibition of twelve extraordinary Maori and Pacifica wahine toi here on the Peninsula

By Isabel Gilbert Palmer.

Twelve extraordinary Māori and Pasifika Wahine toi, women artists are gathering together for the first time in Kuaotunu and presenting their work at the exhibition - Ringa wera Ringa here or Redefining Women’s Handwork. Ringa wera Ringa here is usually attributed as the ‘hot hands of women who mahi in the kitchen at home or the marae’. They are regarded as skilful hands. Using known practices and technique, drawing from historical resources and research, each artist’s work is often connected to and inspired by contemporary culture, experimentation, bravado and new applications. The work presented at the exhibition will include fine arts, painting, weaving of varied medium and outcome, ceramics, pottery, glass, design, design and sew, and a specific video introduction to a tattoo place of learning here on the eastern seaboard of the Coromandel. The Six of the Best and Toi Tane exhibitions held earlier in the year over Easter saw emerging tane (male) artists involved in exhibiting alongside their more experienced professional artists. They amplified Māori and Pasifika Artists on the Peninsula. Ringa wera Ringa here is a further exhibition collaboration that brings together the artistic creativity of experienced wahine artists, respected locally, nationally and internationally alongside new emerging tuahine who are full of fresh and buoyant ideas making an early public debut.

Visit and be the audience at Ringa wera Ringa here.

Labour weekend, 21-23 October - Saturday to Monday from 11-4pm, Kuaotunu Hall.

The opening of the exhibition is Saturday, 21 October at 11.00am at the Kuaotunu Hall.

For more information, please contact Larissa McCown on 022 - 525 7665.


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