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Anchor Coromandel brings people together.

Recently, a very innovative event was organized by Coromandel Anchor owners, Sue and Campbell Angus, bringing together hospitality and food suppliers with restauranteurs, accommodation hosts, café owners, and chefs. It was held at the Old Mill Café and Bar - Ferry Landing just across the estuary from Whitianga. Nigel and Michelle, new owners of the café and friends of Sue and Campbell, shared in the hosting and catering. Their café and bar, based on the model of The Old Mill, Tairua, will open in a few days, so this event was like the rehearsal for their opening. The evening aimed to cultivate relationships within the industry while providing an opportunity to sample a wide range of products. The atmosphere was electric with a buzz of conversations and enthusiastic networking and lots of tasting and sipping. The event showcased an impressive array of offerings. Anchor and Fonterra were a big part of the displays and tastings. The variety and diversity of products was impressive - Mainland and Kapiti cheeses, Anchor Protein plus, Primo, Mammoth milks, de Winkel yoghurt, Fresh’n Fruity. Beverages from the Alternative Dairy Company were there for tasting and taking home samples. Organic drinks were also in the spotlight – Almighty, Remedy, Homegrown, Otakiri, Te Aroha Mineral Water and Te Aroha and Lemon, Mill Orchard. Foxton Fizz, ’73 Citrus, A dedicated team of four – the Coromandel Anchor duo and Nigel and Michelle of Old Mill, Ferry Landing (soon to open) worked tirelessly to make this event a success – marked by generosity of hospitality and information. This exchange emphasised the way the industry is now inclusive with plant-based products rubbing shoulders with dairy products. Hellers metro sliced ham and bacon were there. Every supplier was focused on freshness and chemical-free options, taking note of the evolving preferences of consumers. The evening was a dynamic platform for professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and explore innovative offerings in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Well done Anchor Coromandel!

Caption: Sue and Campbell Angus.


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