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Annual festival and fundraising progress for Te Rerenga School.

From Mary Kedzlie, Principal of Te Rerenga School.

Coromandel Kapa Haka Festival

This is the annual festival for the Coromandel Schools' Kahui Ako (Community of Learning)

MBAS have recently joined the KA but in previous years, still participated in the festival and also hosted it in 2021 (I think from memory!)

Koka Princess and Odette have prepared our Te Rerenga children for the festival, along with Matua Brandon Amoamo. I am extremely proud of them all. Matua Brandon commented in an email to Koka Princess, Mrs Wilson and myself the following:

“Thank you for such an enjoyable, classy contribution to the hui ahurei yesterday. Waka loads of positive feedback has come in. In short, whānau who didn't know much about Te Rerenga previously, sure as do now. Outstanding. Well done koutou mā.”

Progress on Fundraising for Te Rerenga’s Pump Track

am very pleased to say that our fundraising is on target. We have received over $90,000 from donations and grant applications. The amazing Fleur Blackie and Chloe Watts have driven this project along with the support of Petrina Youl and other parents. Jannine Verner's Medieval Feast was a great fundraiser, along with raffles. I am very appreciative of all of the community support. It will be exciting to have this in operation hopefully by the Summer!

Caption: Diagram of the Pump Track showing the layout and location at Te Rerenga School.


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