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‘Artists in the Making’ - getting ready to sell their art.

By Pauline Stewart.

This very friendly and vital group have the Christmas Street Festival in Whitianga on Saturday 3 December. They will have a stall in Albert Street and sell their Fimo jewellery, pottery and other beautiful products they have been making during the year.

They are looking forward to the local community coming to buy their art.

Artists in the Making is under the umbrella of the Coromandel independent Living Trust and offers this delightful creative arts programme for those under 65 with a disability. The range of disabilities is very broad spectrum including mental health. It has been. Operating in Whitianga for 21 years, based at the home art studio of local resident Anne Bowden, a well-known and accomplished mosaic artist. Anne said that the programme is offered twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.00am to 2.30pm and also in Coromandel for two days a week at the Coromandel Independent Living Trust (CILT). Since June of this year, Anne no longer leads this programme, but it is still at her home studio and under the leadership of Lizzie Leckie.

Lizzie says, “We work hard to create some avenues of independence for people who come here. We bring in different artists to share their knowledge and skill. Katherine Tsui from tairua has taken some workshops in Fimo, really enjoyed by our people.”

The atmosphere is so relaxed and easy. People feel at home here. Some have their own transport and for others, it can be provided. The health of any community is measure by its desire and ability to care for the less able - physically and or intellectually challenged adults and young people.

Anne Bowden and her team have sustained a remarkable life -giving work here.

Please read the article about Te Tiihi Nui Trust .

Caption: The group enjoying clay work


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