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Bands - big item at MBAS Charity Concert.

By Pauline Stewart.

The young people were the true stars of the Mercury Bay Area School Charity Concert last Wednesday 23, and Thursday 24 August. However, all the performers would agree that the ‘behind the scenes’ star is Dave Mulholland who made possible the complex technical operation of sound and light. He was often fixing things in-between acts and working with a calm but hurried, ‘make do’ and ‘can do’ approach.

He is a treasure for MBAS and especially the students who are all the time learning from him the intricacies of sound and light that need careful attention when performing as a band.

Their efforts raised money for the Cancer Society.

Caption: - (Drums) Finn McDougall. From left to right: Brynn Ramage, Toby Gamble, Sam Ribet, Dylan Cotterell

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