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Buffalo Trophy Tournament and Friends at Senior Citizens

The Buffalo Trophy is a grand looking trophy. It has been skilfully crafted from a piece of wood taken from the shipwreck of The Buffalo (offshore Buffalo beach since 1840) This trophy is a prize possession of the Senior citizens Club. Every year in July, there is an Indoor Bowls Tournament and this trophy is the winning team’s cup. This year’s tournament was held on Monday, 25 July at the Whitianga Town Hall. Despite lower numbers entering due to covid and flu ailments, the tournament proceeded with no lack of experience and competition. The winning team, pictured in the centre of the photo are Skip, Ken Lack, second, Maureen Lack, and Lead, Lionel Lawrence. Runner-up team was Skip, Wayne McNeil, second, Tom Marshall and Lead, Yvonne lawrence.

Up to 30 people arrive weekly for the programme of the Senior Citizens Club. When The Informer arrived, they were having a hoot of a time. Members not only come from Whitianga but also Coroglen, Cook’s Beach and other parts of Mercury Bay. Adrian Telders, President, and Ngaire Chaney, the Secretary/Treasurer, both agree that companionship is the best aspect of the Club. “We enjoy the monthly lunches, the card games and, of course, the indoor bowls but it’s the friendships formed and care we can offer one another, that makes the difference,” said Ngaire.

“I enjoy playing the card game, 500 the most and we enjoy that very much as part of the programme. I joined the club in 1999, just one year after I came to Whitianga as I wanted to meet people and get to know them,” added Adrian. “And that’s exactly what happened.”

In April 1986, an advertisement was put in the local paper by Neil Golten, asking if anyone was interested in forming a Senior Citizens Group. A good response was received and the first meeting of Senior Citizens was held on May 19, 1986. That’s where it all began and the same spirit continues. If you go along to the Whitianga Community Hall on a Monday, 1.00pm to 3pm, you will receive a great welcome.


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