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Business House Bowls and rolls!!

By Holly Shan

Tuesday, 24 January was the first night of the six-week Business House Bowls competition, one of the local annual business house sports events. Gwyn Howells, the coordinator, had thirty-two teams from different local businesses signing up. Each night, every team will play two games of four rounds each against two different teams. Though the teams are named after local businesses, players also include friends and family members of employees.

There were many bowling experts on site, as well as rookies coming to the club for the first time who knew nothing about lawn bowls. Not to worry, friendly club members were happy to lend a hand or give advice, even to their opponents. Nearly every attempt was applauded regardless of the result. Business House Bowls will run until the end of February, with games every Tuesday evening from 6:00pm. Come chat with old friends and meet new faces while enjoying the sunset, sea breeze, drinks, and a nice fat sausage. Just another fun Whitianga summer night.


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