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Child Sex Education

It’s time to speak up! A public meeting. Presenter Wendy Fowler

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) in Aotearoa New Zealand scheduled for next year: Changes in sex education in NZ Schools.

By Stan Stewart

Thirty-five people were in attendance at the evening seminar held last Friday at Crossroads Fellowship on the subject of ‘Changes in sex education in Schools. The Guest Speaker, Wendy Fowler, spoke fluently and passionately for two hours on this subject, using copious references. Wendy’s presentation consisted of excerpts from documents currently circulated in official educational material and curriculum material that will be introduced into the education system in 2024.

Background for these materials is the current push to allow all persons to choose the pro-noun by which they are known. For a parent or a teacher to insist that a child is a boy or a girl against the child’s (person’s) wishes, then they are committing an offense that is punishable by law. The child, the young person, has absolute right to make this choice, ‘my sex, my pronoun’ for themselves. What is taught in school is between the teacher and the child. In respect to sexual orientation, there is no requirement for the teacher to tell the parent any of the child’s/teen's opinions, plans or views.

Wendy shared that the coming curriculum would include much more information about sexual identity and sexual diversity. These subjects will be introduced at a younger age. For instance, this can include or will include (teachers will not be forced to teach this) information about masturbation and sexual contact with others to older children and early teens.

The background for this thrust comes from no less than the United Nations through WHO – World Health Organisation, and UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. It seems that these organizations set the goals, select the guidelines and educational authorities in countries like ours who then do their best to comply. Wendy pointed out that not all countries comply but that our educational authorities in New Zealand are working to implement the UNESCO standards.

According to Wendy there is some pushback in various countries. For instance, puberty blockers are now illegal in Sweden. In England there is growing resistance to this ‘woke’ agenda. She concluded with a quote from Elon Musk. “Any parent or doctor who sterilizes a child before they are a consenting adult should go to prison for life.” Elon Musk Post Script: The transcript of Wendy Fowler’s presentation was placed on YouTube but has since been removed because YouTube has judged Wendy’s presentation to be “disinformation.”

A Personal Perspective: I feel I should share my back-story in respect to the subjects raised by Wendy Fowler.

For two years I have occasionally watched Jordan Petersen, the Canadian intellectual who is constantly on YouTube. He often alludes to a, what he says, is a kind of ‘rottenness’ in the Canadian university world. He says that in Canadian universities, there is a growing left wing ‘woke’ extremism, that has as its goal, a total reshaping of society. The tool they intend to use is education. Through a ‘woke’ oriented educational system, they aim to impact education, and through this impact, to reshape society according to extreme left-wing goals. In Wendy Fowler’s presentation, she described the educational directions which are being proposed for New Zealand as something rather similar.

Three years ago, I listened to a BBC (British Broadcasting Company) documentary series on ‘Reversing Their Gender Transition’. These programmes carried firsthand stories by individuals who had sex change surgery and who later regretted it and were undertaking treatment to return them to their former sexual orientation. I now find BBC radio has had a number of broadcasts on this subject. It seems the number of persons in this situation – wanting to reverse sex change therapy and medical interventions – are increasing.

Six years ago, the sixteen-year-old daughter of a friend of mine in Australia, insisted on treatment to reverse her sexual orientation. This distressed her parents but there was no stopping her. At seventeen she had her breasts removed and went on male hormone therapy. Recently she confided to one of her relatives, she would like to have a baby. This young adult is subject to dramatic mood swings and is permanently on anti-depressants.



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