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CIVIC CENTRE - A Crazy Idea or the Right Time?

There is quite a lot of conversation and interest in a new space in Mercury Bay for performing arts, concerts, art and business exhibitions, conferences and large gatherings. Some in the community have been advocating and doing research, because there is no such space (see the article adjacent to this one). Others have been dreaming and scheming from other angles and other expressed needs but all wanting the same thing. One of those people is Alan Hopping, of The Lost Spring, no stranger to big dreams and no stranger to making them happen.

On a visit to The Lost Spring, and discussing some weighty community matters, we were showed this concept drawing (pictured). By Allan. I had no idea what I was looking at for a few minutes but then the penny dropped.

I was looking at a visualisation of a Civic Centre concept, large enough to accommodate performance, clubs, theatre, music (even orchestras), conferences, exhibitions and it was beautiful and streamlined with the hallmarks of an international and multi-cultural stream in its presentation. Of course, it is just a concept. OR, is to more? OR, is it just a crazy idea?

Alan believes that this community of Mercury Bay is capable of such a project, particularly when he describes a future where there are many more people, families, businesses, and cultural pursuits. He sees the issues of sea level rise, erosion, and how and where next to build as all part of solutions to be found and that we need to face them with bigger ideas rather than defensive and retreating points of view. “Let’s prepare for the next 100 years.” says Allan defiantly.

Crazy idea or is possible?

Allan adds, “Art, performance, music and sport, particularly sport on the water, are included in my concept. These things lift us out of the ordinary day to day struggles. It is time to think beyond the rudimentary to what is possible, if we dream big enough. We stand on the shoulders of great people before us and that gives us the opportunity to look beyond the problems that drag us down and see a great tomorrow, despite all the current issues.”

So Allan is asking, what do you think? Crazy Idea or is there something important here?

The informer welcomes responses to this concept drawing.


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