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Clinton scores a plane ride and more in Year 12 achievements.

By Pauline Stewart.

The Mercury Bay AeroClub organised a magnificent weekend of events for their 75th Jubilee celebrations on the October long weekend this year. On the day of the Air Show, everyone was given a programme on which was an individual ticket number. The person with the winning number drawn at random, won a free flight in a Harvard Warbird.

The winner was Mike of Racquet Stringing Services, but he chose not to take the flight and give it to a young person whom he thought would be very deserving and would enjoy it. He asked the son of family friends, Clinton Reynel, MBAS Year 12 student. Clinton is a budding engineer, and he was thrilled to accept Mike’s invitation. Ace Edwards was the pilot giving the ride in his own Harvard Warbird.

Clinton writes of his experience.

Flying in the Harvard Warbird

“Our local friend Mike, mentioned he'd won the draw at the Mercury Bay Aero Club Open Day to have a ride in a plane. Then he added, that instead of enjoying the ride himself, he wanted to gift it to me. I was surprised. Thanks Mike.

The pilot for this very special flight for me in a Harvard Warbird was Ace Edwards. Ace flies at nearly every Warbird show around the country. Ace started flying at 16 years old and he and his family were very supportive and kind.

I was so excited, and we were only at the end of the runway, ready for take-off. The rest of the trip was amazing, seeing Whitianga and Hotwater Beach from above. When we turned, we were vertical with the ground. Wow! That was cool. It was a real surprise how a bit of wind had such an effect on the two-seater plane, I really didn't think of planes in that way. The last time I was on a plane, I was about 3 years old, so I don’t really remember. This was a plane ride I will never forget.

Thank you to Ace and the AeroClub and everyone involved, it was amazing.”

Clinton Reynel.

When contacting Clinton, The Informer became aware that he was the same student who had won an engineering scholarship from the Mercury Bay Club for outstanding work in metals in year 11 in 2022. We contacted his family with regard to how he was doing in Year 12 to add to the editorial on the plane ride. Clinton still has Year 13 to do in 2024. He was a little shy about sharing his awards but we received the share with readers. He is one of the outstanding young achievers at MBAS who works very hard with the opportunities he is given.

The following is what Clinton received at Senior Prize Giving, with the encouragement of teachers, mentors, fellow students, family, along with the team at Pinnacle Boats, pushing him along to try and achieve the best he could.

  • George Culbard Shield - Senior Technology (2nd Year in row –Whitianga RSA)

  • Certificate of Excellence - The Prime Minister's Vocational Excellence Scholarship

  • Certificate of Excellence - MAST Boat Building - Custom Alloy Apprenticeship

  • Certificate of Excellence - Mercury Bay Area School Award First in Level 2 Hard Materials Technology

  • Certificate of Excellence - Placemakers Award First in Level 2 Building Construction and Allied Trades

  • Shield for Best All-round Sportsman with Certificate of Excellence - Mercury Bay Area School Shield for Outstanding Sportsman of the Year

  • The Kelsey Cup Mercury Bay Boating Club - Annual Across River Swim for Senior Boys

  • Mercury Bay Area School Cup with Certificate of Excellence - Senior Boy Swimming Champion.

Note: The 2023 Senior Prize Giving at MBAS had 140+ categories of awards/certificates/scholarships given out to a number of fellow Students.

"If Clinton did not get any awards, as long as he tried his hardest, we would still be very proud of him.” Cathryn Reynel.

Caption: Clinton Raynel


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