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Coastguard News

The month of October saw the unit undertake ten general callouts. These were mostly mechanical/ engine issues requiring tows back to Whitianga but also included jump starts and steering issues.

No urgent callouts during the month.

Membership renewals are now due for our original (Legacy) members. If you have not received an email or think you are due for renewal please contact Coastguard New Zealand membership team on 0800 262 843 or email

After over ten years with no change, the non-member callout fee for assistance has now INCREASED to $350.00 (+$70.00) per hour. That means an ‘average’ tow from Great Mercury Island that would have cost $1,340.00 will now cost you $1750.00. Membership has never looked cheaper than now.

Whitianga will again be selling tickets in the Coastguard Summer Raffle. This is our primary fundraiser for the year and proceeds from the tickets are usually targeted towards equipment for our rescue vessels. We will have a Coastguard vessel and crew at Whitianga Countdown selling tickets from early December and would appreciate that the purchase of any tickets be made directly from the unit as the majority of the funds raised in this way will benefit your local unit.

Also, last month we put three of our vessels out on the water to undertake training with KSAR (Kuaotunu Search and Rescue, as previously documented in an Informer issue). The training related to familiarising KSAR with our vessels, transferring an injured patient (thank you to Darren Arthur from Coastguard NZ for acting as the patient) from land to a rescue vessel. We thank the members of KSAR for their participation and companionship.

Safe Boating

Stuart Brown Whitianga President

Coastguard Summer raffle - buy tickets outside Countdown from early December. Look for the Coastguard Vessel and crew.


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