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Come to the Whiti Food Fest

Invitation from Luscha McMiken, Georgia Litherland and Josie Fairweather.

We are a team of Year 13 students at Mercury Bay Area School, and we are inviting you to come and eat and enjoy the fun of a food fest that is held right in the centre of Whitianga township on Sunday, 22 October from 4.00pm, a few hours after the Aero Show above Buffalo Beach and just a short while after the Open Day at the Whitianga Aero Club concludes. It’s the perfect time for you to eat lots of delicious food after a busy day of enjoying the amazing programme put on for local residents and visitors.

We are running this local food festival as part of our college business class assessment. It’s a fun thing to do though lots of hard work is involved. We ran the festival last year and we wanted to improve on that and work with what we had learned from our 2022 Food Fest.

The festival will be run between 4 pm and 8 pm and is a part of the Labour Weekend calendar. There will be a variety of food stalls from all around the Waikato region, and local people such as the Filipino community will be preparing food as well and the MBAS business students will be selling their products. There will also be live music and entertainment throughout the evening so feel free to bring a picnic blanket or chairs to sit back and relax. The event is totally family-friendly, so bring a crowd.

Whiti Food Fest, Sunday, 22 October, Soldiers Memorial Park off Albert Street, Whitianga by the Library. 4.00pm – 8.00pm

MBAS Year 13 Business Studies project, the second year of the event. The three Year 13 students work independently on this project and do not receive support from their school in the planning, marketing and implementation of the Festival.

Organising team: Luscha McMiken, Georgia Litherland and Josie Fairweather.

Thank you to our sponsors: All about Whitianga, MBBA, Firefly Graphic Design, The Informer.

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