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Community Patrol

Our Community Patrol became one of The Informer’s recipients to recognise Community Groups within Mercury Bay. We contributed by participating in an article published 8/6/22. A sum of money was forwarded to go towards a small function for our members as a thank you for their volunteer time. We chose a Morning Tea at Colenso Country Café for Monday, 25 July.

Unfortunately, inclement weather reduced the number of patrol members who intended to participate. Mercury Bay Community Patrol plays an important role in supporting and working with the community, to keep people and property safe. They are all volunteers and work on a roster basis covering sections of the town, particularly areas that have recorded vandalism or trouble in the past. They are trained and work to be a support to the local police.

More volunteers are needed. Be sure to know that no person ever patrols alone.

Contact John Maud 027 366 4606

Pictured: Some Community Patrol members enjoy Morning Tea at Colenso Cafe.


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