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Cooks Beach Gala - not to be defeated!

A buoyant crowd of locals and Waitangi weekend holidaymakers came out in force to support a 'reinvented' version of the thwarted original Cooks Beach Gala event, becoming a Twilight Carnival, held at the Cooks Beach shops on Sunday. After two postponements due to our infamous 'summer,' a hardy and committed crew of Whenuakite parents, children and staff forged ahead with a revised event. Organisers must have been heartened by the response as both the sun - albeit tentative - and visitors alike came out for the occasion. Games, market stalls, food and live music kept the crowds happy including two-year-old Tiffany Lilley (right) who was delighted with her rainbow face paint. Florence and Noah had fun at the Jar Throw (below).

Photos courtesy of Stephen Holmes.


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