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Coromandel Greens Campaign Launch

Press Release.

Over 50 members of the Green Party from as far afield as Colville, Whitianga, and Katikati convened in the Kauaeranga Valley on Matariki Friday for the Green’s Coromandel campaign launch.

Green party candidate for Coromandel Pamela Grealey was elated by the turnout, energy and commitment dedicated to the election campaign.

Fittingly located in the Kauaeranga Valley where Jeanette Fitzsimons had based her successful campaigns for the Coromandel electorate.

“We were thrilled that Jeanette’s partner Harry Parke attended and has agreed to be our Kaumatua Kakariki,” Pamela said.

Campaign Focus:

“Our campaign will focus on securing party votes to maximise the representation of more Green MPs in Parliament. The time is now for bold action on climate change, a fair tax system and ending poverty, and we need more Green MPs to achieve this”, said Pamela.

“We take pride in our bold and innovative wealth tax policy which would be imposed on less than 1% of New Zealanders who own net assets exceeding $2 million. This new tax will fund a guaranteed income for all citizens, substantially reduce poverty, and result in tax cuts of between $16 and $26 a week for 3.7 million New Zealanders.”

“The Labour Party has been timid in its efforts to tackle climate change, fairer taxes and poverty eradication. A coalition between ACT and National will set us back decades on these vital issues.”

With more Green MPs, Pamela is confident New Zealand can build a future where all of our energy needs are met by clean power; where the land has healed and wildlife thrives; and where everyone has a liveable income and an affordable home to make their own - all paid for with a fair tax system.

Caption: Green's Logo.

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