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Coromandel Open Studios ARTSTOUR

This is a one well-organised, high quality and varied exhibition, with a startling array of beautiful works from over 35 artists being offered for view and purchase to residents and visitors across the Coromandel Peninsula. This Artstour is open for two weekends coming very soon, October 1-2 and October 8-9, from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday of both weekends.

For anyone trying to decide where to start, one needs to get the beautifully produced brochure describing the venues as to where you can view the artists works, how to get to the venues and which artist is located where, according to an allocated number. There are maps in the brochure to follow and the artists are grouped into eight areas. For example, one can begin in Coromandel township with Artists - Central. There are ten artists in this grouping and most of them are walking distance. Also under Artists - Central, there is Gallery 6, a pop-up gallery opened in December, 2021, displaying the work of local artists. Here, you can enjoy the works of five local artists - mediums are paint, print and textile. Artists - South section sets out the number and exact locations of seven different artists with the mediums being textile, paint, glass, jewellery, woodwork and sculpture. There is a first-person statement by each artist in the brochure and one sample of their work colourfully portrayed.

The best place to begin this adventure is at the Hauraki House Gallery, Kapanga Road, in the town centre of Coromandel. Work from each artist will be on display, giving visitors an opportunity to select the artists they most want to visit.

This brochure is a complete artist guide to every aspect of the Artstour. For those wanting to see a number of works ‘under one roof’ in addition to Gallery 6, then there is The Hub which is the Old Coromandel Hospital in Rings Road, showing four artists. One of them is Manaia local resident, Saskia Reimersma pictured here, working on one of her pieces for the Artstour.

For those artists located at a short distance from Coromandel, but require driving or cycling to reach their studios, large colourful flags on the roadside and arrows point the way. They are a bright, friendly guide adding to the ambience of calling it out to passersby as a significant event.

The organisers are to be congratulated; Kim Brett, Pete Sephton, Raewyn Penrose, Vaughan Udall, Charlene Scott. The Sponsors are also to be congratulated; Richardsons Real Estate (being the principal sponsor), Thames Coromandel Creative Communities NZ and a host of goodwill advertisers.

Finally, the brochure sets out inside the back coverlet, a compete list of every artist with a page number adjacent to assist in finding their bio and their location.

Walt Disney would be chuffed with the successful artistic efforts of the organisers to make negotiating the Artstour experience so clear and easy for everyone.

It is the quality of the art, the uniqueness of many of the pieces, the creative energy and meaning in each piece created by the artist which enables such a good brochure. A wonderful destination requires equally wonderful promotion. So, who can resist this Artstour? This is a clear invitation to come and enjoy the Coromandel Open Studios Artstour 2022.

Pick up a brochure from the Coromandel township Information Centre or go online to

Caption: Saskia Reimersma of Manaia has more then one artwork on the go to complete her exhibition for Coromandel Open Studios Artstour.1020


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