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Destination Hauraki Coromandel

Getting started on a new plan. Extracts from Press Release by Lynette Dey.

We changed our name from Destination Coromandel last year to better reflect the fact that we represent the wider area, not just the peninsula. Also we taking a broader view of destination planning that is aligned with what our communities (including tourism businesses) want for their futures.

Many people love Hauraki Coromandel for its diverse communities, deep histories, inspiring creativity, and stunning outdoor experiences. Travel experiences enrich the lives of travellers; but these interactions must also leave a positive impact on life and biodiversity in the communities and places they visit.

What's next: “We are looking for responses. We are asking people to read the draft plan and then complete the survey. So this is an invitation to first read the plan. - Hauraki Coromandel Destination Management Plan - see the link below. This plan is about making sure tourism leads to a better future for us all. It’s equally about protecting and caring for everything held dear about Hauraki Coromandel. We are hopeful you will find ways to add your contribution as we put it into action. Vision: To navigate together towards a net positive future for Hauraki Coromandel, where tourism gives more than it takes for our environment, society and people.

Informer comment: There is a number of sections to the Plan. None of them are difficult to understand. It does seem like the parameters are very broad compared to the previous focus of tourism. We have extracted a couple of aspects from the plan to inform readers.

The first is the map adjacent which sets out a “Plan of Action Summary These Action Plans highlight transformational, localised and town projects which will deliver the vision.”

The second is a table of “Measuring Success – comparing previous Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s) to new Future KPI’s. . This is a new way of planning tourism in Hauraki Coromandel.”

This is significant reading. Please see to see

the plan for tourism - Destination Hauraki Coromandel.


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