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Drab Winter - Vibrant Art - Whitianga Lions – Art Expo 2023.

By Stan Stewart.

From Thursday evening, 13 July to Sunday, 16 July, Coromandel Peninsula art lovers were treated to a very special Art Expo in the Whitianga Town Hall. Four hundred plus artworks, paintings, pottery, and other creations filled the Town Hall. Walking through the Expo there was a surprise around every corner. The art styles varied, and pottery and other handmade items meant there were colourful delights on every hand.

This is the third Art Expo hosted by the Whitianga Lions. Although there was no entry fee, funds were raised through a commission on sales and donations. All proceeds will go to the Lion’s Club’s ‘Project Mammogram’. The raffle was popular with a beautiful painting on canvas by Emma Evangeline Gustafson as one of the prizes as well as some of her cards in a beautifully wrapped gift pack as another prize. Members of the Lions Club staffed the event and some local businesses, Whitianga Waterways, Unichem Pharmacy, and CFM and The Informer gave much appreciated support. An Auckland company NZLS (landscape and gardening supplies) also supported the Expo. Special thanks must go to Peninsula Roofing and Scaffolding for setting up the frames on which the art works were displayed.

Reflecting on this year’s Expo, Ian Robbie, the Lions Co-Ordinator of this event remarked. “Attendances this year were less than last year.” He felt that in general the mood in the community is a bit more subdued when it comes to buying art works and could be seen as non-essentials. This observation is echoed by many in the community, especially the business community. The Men’s Shed also had a display of the products they have carved or made, many of which are works of art.

The atmosphere of this year’s event was, however, very welcoming and warm. The beautiful Coromandel elicits in many of its residents an artistic response. Keep painting, creating, composing and carving. The Lions Art Expo 2024 will be keen to display your creations and hopefully be able to bring it forward to the Kings birthday Weekend in June.

Caption: Visitors enjoy the Lions Art Expo which was held at the Whitianga Town Hall last weekend.


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