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Driving Pottery

It’s hard to remember sometimes that the original purpose for the Driving Creek Railway was to bring clay down to Barry Brickell’s pottery behind Coromandel township.

As the railway flourished and developed, including the EyeFull Tower, to become the tourist attraction it is, it has almost overshadowed Barry’s original pottery.

Don’t be confused however. Pottery is alive and well at Driving Creek Railway, running scheduled classes and introducing newcomers to the art of the potter.

Instructor Sam Ireland takes as many as six students in a class, and over the course of 90 minutes has even complete novices turning out simple clay pottery items. For an additional fee, students can have their pots fired, glazed and returned to them.

From the introductory classes, there are also eight-week courses for those wanting to take their pottery more seriously. Sam says, “Its especially gratifying when people buy their own wheels and kilns, and begin to explore pottery by themselves.”

Pottery never went out of style at Driving Creek Railway, and it seems that anyone can join the fun, although bookings are essential.

Pictured: Pottery instructor, Sam Ireland inspects a pot for student Amy Cui.

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