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EggFest is coming

EggFest is returning to Coromandel on Saturday, 5 February, after a two-year hiatus. It will be hosted at people’s favourite kooky Coromandel nook, Eggsentric Café at Cooks Beach. This event is complete with great local and overseas bands, an excellent bar and food, and a fun rock 'n' roll dance party. As the owner of Banished Music, a music promotion agency from Auckland, Reuben Bonner has had various roles in this industry for about 15 years, and is the organiser of the bands for EggFest. “I love music. I have something inspiring and interesting to do with my working life.” For him, EggFest is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events. Reuben recalled that when he fi rst saw the cafe pop up on social media, he thought it would be a great venue. Then he called Sam, who runs the place, and booked a show at Eggsentric. It turned out to be a good choice. “This is a fun rock 'n' roll event, and it is also a dance party. It’s a boutique event - an intimate show. It’s for 300 people, is wellloved, and sells out yearly.” Reuben enjoys the excellent collaboration. “Eggsentric is a grassroots venue; we are a grassroots promoter. That’s why we love to work with them.” The interesting thing is that all the communication and cooperation is done through the phone and the internet. Reuben has never met Sam in real life during all these years. “The one time I visited Eggsentric, I unfortunately missed Sam by about 15 minutes.” The line-up of Music is phenomenal for Featuring Ty Segall and Freedom Band, Earth Tongue, Dictaphone Blues, and Judah Kelley with DJs Gussie and Mister Crawley, this 300-capacity show will start at 5 pm and go on until midnight. Tickets are available on the website of Banished Music, but they will sell out quickly. “Although it’s an indoor-outdoor venue at Eggsentric, we are hoping for good weather, that’s for sure - we have an outdoor stage.

So, you could say it’s a big party on the lawn,” says Reuben.


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