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Ending isolation for Coromandel Peninsula

Steve Mosen, Owner of the Tairua Bus Company, says ending the relative isolation of the Eastern Coromandel Peninsula just seemed like an excellent idea. With scheduled bus services stretching from Whitianga, through Hahei, Tairua, Pauanui, Hikuai, Thames to Ngatea, the Tairua Bus Company has the Peninsula covered.

From time to time, the company’s buses have already been required to carry legal documents, deliver urgent medical supplies, and even building material urgently required to finish a job!

“We decided to put a service in place that makes it simple to book your courier mail, packages, cargo and other transport needs at a very affordable price,” says Steve. “You can choose from same day delivery within the Peninsula, or choose an overnight door-to-door option, with prices ranging from just $10.”

Based on their twice-daily services, they can even connect with freight at either Auckland CBD or the Airport.

For special consignments such as oversize items, or for greater Auckland or Hamilton deliveries, Steve will provide a special quote. “We’ll provide an over-the-top experience at an affordable price,” says Steve.

The Tairua Bus Company’s motto is “fresh ideas in transport,” and there’s clearly no shortage of them. Long term, Steve is thinking bigger, with plans to meet returning tourism demand with a fleet of rental cars and vans. “Ultimately we’re positioning ourselves as a complete provider of transport needs on the Coromandel Peninsula.”

Separate quote to put in the article somewhere

“ Fresh ideas in transport…. an over-the-top experience at an affordable price.” Tairua Bus Company

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