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Farewell to popular radio host, Jason Myatt.

By Stan Stewart.

Jason’s last Big Breakfast Show will be on Friday, May 19

Jason has been the host of the ‘Big Breakfast Show’ on Coromandel’s CFM since July 22, 2022.

95.1 on East Coast and 94 on West Coast.

Jason has in fact been involved with the station since January 2019. He was called upon for some consultancy during the setup of a newly launched radio station, Coromandel’s CFM, which commenced broadcasting in November 2018. This involvement led to a connection with John and Lynda Grant, owners of CFM. Their shared vision and their belief in the value of local radio connects them to this day. Coromandel’s CFM is a station pitched to an audience age group of 35 plus. However, across the Coromandel it is listened to by all ages.

Even though the audience is potentially in thousands, Jason sees radio as a personal medium. When he speaks, in his mind he is talking to one person. He believes this mindset of talking to one person is really what makes radio work. Listeners sense it. The person listening is not hearing a person with a megaphone talking to thousands. The person they hear is talking personally to them, the listener. That’s the way Jason sees it and this one-to-one personal connection is why he thinks it is so valuable. The work satisfies him. “More than that”, Jason says, “My radio job just makes me happy”.

Prior to Whitianga, Jason and his wife Fiona, lived in Toowoomba in Queensland. This large town, 120, 000 population, is by no means unfriendly. However, Jason has found Whitianga to be more friendly and amazingly welcoming. Jason says it was more than friendship that makes it hard to leave Whitianga, it was inclusion in the lives and culture of the community. He thinks in this respect the town of Whitianga may be unique. Certainly, he is sad to leave, and he hopes, one day, to be able to call the Coromandel home. In fact, plans are forming for him to have continuing contact with the town and its radio.

Returning to Australia to support family health, Jason will be welcomed home by his wife and family. His next job will be in Toowoomba at the University of Southern Queensland where he will lead an audio and video media production team. It sounds like an exciting role.

More than just the radio audience and radio station staff will miss him here. Go well Jason and return soon.

Caption: Jason at his second home, the Coromandel CFM radio station studio in Cook Drive.


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