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Find your outdoor lifestyle

By Holly Shan

On Christmas Eve, Coromandel Lifestyle got its dream gift. Their new showroom expansion and renovation was completed enough for them to move in. Now they could showcase their extensive new range of outdoor furniture and homewares. Mark Milmine, Coromandel Lifestyle owner, says, “We have looked forward to this. We had lots of beautiful pieces in storage and our situation of not having enough room was exacerbated when Danske Mobler appointed Lifestyle as their sole outlet on the Coromandel Peninsula. It was the best arrangement that this expansion could take place by extending our current store.”

The new showroom is a dedicated outdoor living centre. As expressed in the store’s name, the space is more of an expression of lifestyles and a centre of creative presentations for outdoor living in family homes and apartments. The manner in which Mark was tending to different pieces of furnishings and arranging them for view, one would think it was his own home. “Soon, we will have graphic work on the walls to stimulate and inspire options for outdoor living,” says Mark. “It’s important to us to provide for all seasons of living experience in the home. Everyone has different tastes too when it comes to choosing for their home. No one item is more popular than the next. Coromandel Lifestyle offers as many choices as possible to meet the various needs of its customers. For example, regarding barbques, there is a growing trend back towards charcoal barbques because of the theatre associated with charcoal cooking and the enhanced experience that provides. But at the same time, more electric barbeques are displayed because some don’t want to use fossil fuels. “Overall, it is the desire of people and what they would like to experience as part of their living at home, that we want to speak to and provide.” Thus far, the response has been very positive.”smiles Mark.

Mark emphasises, “All our furniture with any wood component has FFC classification (forest stewardship certification) so that we know it has been sourced as part of fair trade practices and not by slave labour or illegal means. Also, when we purchase something for the store made of tropical timbers such as teak, customers want to know that it has not been ripped out of a rain forest.”

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