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Fishing Report

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With the sea temperature now cooler at around 20°C, snapper are starting to gather in large numbers around the deeper offshore reefs. These fish are in prime condition putting on “fat” as winter water approaches. Our harbour is still holding very good numbers of kahawai and trevally and even the odd snapper for those prepared to put in the effort pre-dawn.

The Tairua-Pauanui Sports Fishing Club’s 29th land-based fishing competition was held on Saturday, 30 April and Sunday, 1 May. This competition has been running in various forms since its inception by Keith Matheson and co in the Sir George Grey Hotel in 1982. This year, the major sponsor for the main competition was again DAIWA and for the speed fishing, Craig Watts. The champion team trophy (the McIntyre Cup) and accompanying miniatures were once again sponsored by Sue and Ray McIntyre. With a contingent from the North Shore Surfcasting Club and a team from Whangamatā for the first time, Tairua knew they had a real competition on their hands.

The weather on the Friday night before the competition was less than ideal with strong easterly quarter winds and heavy showers, but this did not deter the majority of the 60 entrants getting out on the rocks and having a go. Bradley Turner was rewarded with the top snapper of 6.035kg for his efforts in the rain. Ron Cross also braved the elements further up the river and landed the heaviest kahawai of 2.340kg. Not to be outdone by those youngsters, club octogenarian, John Haycock, set up down on the beach below our old clubrooms and after “five bloody hours without a bite” finally landed a very nice winning trevally of 2.435kg at 3:00pm on the Saturday afternoon.

The heaviest yellowtail kingfish at 8.04kg went to Frank Watkins and the top lady angler was Julie Elliot with a snapper of 3.145kg. The top junior was Bruno Nelson with a snapper of 2.250kg and the top small fry was Ardyn Holwerda with a kahawai of 2.125kg. The top team was Rock & Roll with a total weight of 32.275kg, an average of 8.069kg per member, and the Orange Roughy Cup was won by the TPSFC with an average of 2.10kg per angler.

Speed fishing was held in the harbour between 11:00am and 1:00pm on the Sunday and was won by my son, Reuben Barnes, with a trevally of 1.85kg.

The first of our longer pre-winter tournaments, the Killwell seven-week winter tournament, commenced on Saturday, 7 May and will continue through to 4:00pm on Saturday, 25 June. With over $10,000 worth of prizes this year, we will be fishing for the top three kahawai, trevally and snapper, top three junior anglers and top lady angler. In the shooting section (you must be the current holder of a firearm’s licence) we have the heaviest Canada goose and most-weighed Canada geese.

Our Fish of the Month for April was won by Brett Cameron with an excellent snapper of 8.100kg. He won a 1l bottle of Black Heart Rum sponsored by Asahi Beverages. Our Fish of the Month for May is kahawai.

Tight lines,

Wayne Barnes

Tairua-Pauanui Sports Fishing Club


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