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Fishing Report

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Jet Ski Fishing update

Contribution from Paul Simpson - a local experienced jet ski fisherman.

Giving all our readers an insight into jet ski fishing in the area.

Let’s kick off with introducing myself. I have lived in Whitianga for ten years now and apart from way too much work, I’m into jet ski fishing and mountain biking. I’ve been jet ski fishing for about 12 plus years. So why jet ski fishing? To go fishing, I need to get out of work, the weather must be right, and I need a few hours spare . . so I find the jet ski quick to get ready, launch and then can quickly shoot out to the Mercs etc. Half the fun is getting out there.

I’m all setup with a PLB, VHF, lifejacket, cell phone, anchor, paddle, jump starter kit. I’m a Coastguard member and service the ski once a year to keep things safe. I carry two rods and a net on the bin. One rod is often permanently setup with a Kahawai lure, as trawling for Kahawai on the ski is very successful when coming across a workup. I am still using bait (usually squid) for all other fishing as it has never really let me down as I always get a feed. Soft bait is another great option and some other jet ski fishermen here do well on soft bait. When I have picked up more than enough fish to take home and have some spare time, I head out exploring. There are quite a few sea caves to check out, amazing islands, beaches, and sea life to see. Last time I was out, I

was near Old Man’s Rock and a huge whale surfaced near me and blew out which was rather surprising and amazing to see.


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