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Fishing Report

By Tony Marsters

Some real mixed weather patterns combined with mixed fishing results saw some impressive snapper caught in less than 3 metres of water during the weather breaks.( 16 1/2 lbs being the best to date). Snapper reefs are still working exceptionally well over the worm beds down at the Aldermans and out at Red Mercury, if you can get there and back safely weather wise. Stray lining and softbaits are working well.

Fact: Not all Softbait lures are created equal...only some brands are biodegradable, which means if you are using other brands, you are contributing to plastic pollution of the ocean (something to think about when buying your next lot of softbaits)

Gurnard are showing up and ledger rigs seem to be working well here over the sand.

Livebaiting has proven a bit more difficult with bait being scattered between 7 and 10 metre marks ....but they are there.

Kingfish have been playing a little hard to get...mainly due to juvenile Kingfish smashing livebaits before the larger fish have a chance. First time Kingfish anglers should be aware that juveniles tend to put up more of a fight when being reeled in and in particular when brought onto the deck of the boat. Be aware that thrashing Kingfish and 10/0 circle hooks are not a good mix. Stay well clear. Carry a damp, dark coloured towel on board and cover the head/eyes of the fish to calm it down and make the removal of the hook safer and easier. Use pliers to do this if you can.


Just a bit of warning to boaties in the bay, that’s the combination of fog and direct sunlight during these weird weather mornings. Vision is very impaired heading east out of the river in early morning hours, so don't forget your navigation lights and SLOW down. Reduce the risk of a collision.

There is still a mixed bag of wild weather forecast so remember, weather patterns are unusually erratic and very unpredictable at the moment. DON’T TAKE ANY CHANCES.

WEAR your life jackets, ensure you have two forms of waterproof communication, make sure your vessel is equipped with an emergency locator beacon or personal locator beacon and make sure you log your trip report with Coastguard -they can’t find you if they don’t know where you are.

...if in doubt...don't go out.



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