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From the Editor

The Informer is disappointed that TCDC has published in this issue of The Informer paper (page 17, opposite) as paid advertising, a paragraph, ‘Corrections to Informer Article,' with reference to an article written by Stan Stewart in issue 1064 July 24, page 19. It was a quarter page article - “New chair elected, Mayor and CEO attend.” Yes as Editor, I did refuse the Communications Offi ce, space to retract it and challenged the person saying, “TCDC can pay for space.’ I admit after trying so hard to do a positive report on something that had little positivity, I could not see their point.

My Reasons:

1) The points made at the time seemed pedantic especially when Stan was not criticising anyone or any organisation. The report was generally positive.

2) The residents and ratepayers had been left in poor shape. Stan said none of that and we normally wouldn’t, because we want the leadership to succeed.

3) The Informer tried to promote the meeting on Facebook and publicise the presence of the CEO and the Mayor. We had received a phone call from John Grant (TCDC Councillor) on the day asking us to do that. No one knew about the Mayor and CEO coming.

4) Stan’s report also stated it was hard to hear as there were no microphones and the heating was noisy. There was no opportunity to speak with Len and Aileen after that meeting and The Informer deadline was the next day. Yes, Stan said the Ten Year Plan is on hold when he should have said the details of the previous plan had changed a lot and the new version wasn’t yet out. Also Stan said there were 50 active sites regarding roading work instead of saying there 50 sites of signifi cance. Also the cost Stan quoted is not correct. The cost stated by TCDC (between $30 and $50 million) may may well be further from the actual outcome than the fi gure Stan quoted. How many times in Council history have the costs been quoted only to keep rising?

5) As soon as the Communications person complained to me on behalf of TCDC, Stan wrote a letter of apology to Mayor Len that very day. He has only received an automatic reply to date. I thought it was generally a good report that helped people feel more positive. Sometimes, there is no opportunity to receive a quick reply from TCDC.

The Informer is committed to serving this community and connecting it with information and people that can enrich everyone’s future. We wish TCDC every success because the people they serve need them to succeed. Pauline Stewart

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