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Gallery 6 celebrating!

Gallery 6 is celebrating its first birthday. From the idea of one of the artists’ partners with a comment, ‘you should,’ the gallery was created in December 2021 in a vacant tenancy in Coromandel Town. Now a year later, it is part of the town fabric. Beautifully presented and a great display space, the principle artists, Diann Cade, Jan Linklater, Vaughan Udall, Donna Scatchard and Fran Campbell, all local artists, enjoy sharing their work and meeting the public. While winter has quieter months for visitors, they are now seeing the summer influx.

As each artist has their own style, this provides a wide range of works both large and small on display, and it is ever changing as new works appear and the display is rearranged. Gallery 6 is attended by the artists each day, enjoying the interaction with the visitors. It is of value to have comments about their work and even greater value when someone says, “I love that!” and buys it.

You will also find ceramics and craft items of other local makers, plus cards, prints and books.

The artists suggest taking an introductory look at their Facebook page, “gallery6coromandel” then take a ride and a visit! Meet the artists; all part of the Coromandel lifestyle.

Open Thursday to Tuesday 10.00am – 4.00pm - Closed Wednesday.

Gallery 6, 191 Kapanga Road, Coromandel Town.

Principle artists of Gallery 6 in Coromandel Town: Diann Cade, Donna Scatchard, Fran Campbell, Jan Linklater and Vaughan Udall.


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