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Garden Box project inspires generosity

Kevin Pringle and John Petersen maybe having a breather but they are well on their way to achieving. Their goal of establishing three large garden boxes to be planted with vegetables and perhaps spices, for the long standing Monday Community Meals. Both men are members of Andrews By The Sea , where the parish hosts the Monday meals organised by St Andrews Community Support Trust.

Here the first garden box is completed. The timber for all three garden boxes has been supplied by Place-makers; the topsoil being spread by Kevin and John has been donated by Mercury Bay Garden Centre and the boxes have actually been built by Whitianga MenZshed.

When asking about plants, Kevin who is leading the project, said they would welcome donations of plants towards the end of September when the other two boxes are completed and in place. Meanwhile the men got the first harvest underway by planting potatoes. They are in the ground. One of the long time church members and residents, Barbara Blake is part the inspiration behind this project. Until recently Barbara helped cook for the Monday Meals.

This project is yet another story of people inspired to give back and to keep on giving and the way the businesses help these small objects succeed is also indicative of the community spirit that makes for a hopeful and generous society.

Pictured : Kevin Pringle and John Petersen


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