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Garden Ramble - 15 gardens, a few days away

By Barb Nippert.

The Whitianga Garden Ramble is all set to be a great event that showcases the beauty of well-tended gardens on Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 November.

‘Through the Garden Gate’ is the name of our wonderful event exploring these amazing gardens on what promises to be a fun and a relaxing day out. Loads of colour, serene environments, and artistic designs are waiting for you in the flowers, lush greenery and full garden atmospheres.

These gardens in the Garden Ramble have a diverse range of designs that focus on creativity, personal expression, and unique aesthetics. The gardeners have experimented with various elements, colours and form, to create a visually compelling and unique space. You will find sculptures, statues and art installations that will add an extra layer of to you unique, visual, sensory experience.

Some of the gardens in the Whitianga Garden Ramble are formal gardens, known for their structured and symmetrical designs. These exhibit a sense of control and neatness with clipped hedges, topiary shapes and a limited colour palette that adds to the formal look, collectively creating a sense of balance, order, and timeless beauty.

Among the gardens is the delightful Garden Café in a natural setting, with beautifully arranged seating and shade under the pergola, creating a relaxed cafe atmosphere. The focus is on homemade baked goods, with quality ingredients combined with the pleasures of delicious enjoyable treats.

A Plant Emporium as part of the ramble offers reasonably priced plants and is a great find for plant enthusiasts who would like to take something home for their garden.

Visitors to the Garden Café and Plant Emporium will find a fabulous raffle so buy your tickets there.

The raffle will be drawn at 2.00pm Sunday, 29th at the Garden Café.

Tickets for the Garden Ramble are available from the Information Centres in Whitianga, Coromandel, Tairua, and Pauanui. Whitianga Art Gallery and the St Johns Op Shop Whitianga.

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