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Golden hour landscapes.

Whitianga Photographic Club March challenge.

From Kate Beauchamp

Best landscape: We had many beautiful landscape images submitted last month. Sean King's "The scenic route" (above) was voted into first place. It's a well balanced composition with beautiful warm sunset colours and plenty of interest, both in the foreground and background of the image.

First - Sean King, Second - Rose Barrett, Third - Tina Macrae.

Photo of the month: Karen Moffatt-McLeod won photo of

the month for March with "Siren" . This was a creative aquatic portrait, using beautiful shades of blue and green throughout the image to create a dreamy and tranquil feel.

First - Karen Moffatt-McLeod, Second - Anita Ruggle- Lussy, Third - Chrissy Lawrence.

April's Challenge: This is natural light portraits. From direct sunlight, through to golden hour, blue hour or even moonlight, finding the right light to compliment the artistic direction and enhance the overall mood is key in portrait photography.

Whitianga Photographic Club has a public Facebook page, to showcase the work and achievements of our members. Anyone keen to join in can email our admin team:

Caption: Sean King's "The scenic route".

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