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Grand Day for garden clubs

It was perfect weather for gardeners on Monday, 7 November at the Mercury Bay Bowling Club.

The Whitianga Garden Club (WGC) hosted four other garden clubs in what was a garden ramble to three special gardens, followed by a sumptuous lunch and a fashion parade at the Bowling Club premises. It had been a very long time since a similar event had been organised as Covid had discouraged any kind of gathering.

The weather was a worrying factor prior, but on the day, the sun shone, and people were in very good spirits, and why not?? There were three local homes with beautiful gardens to visit, belonging to Helen Parkinson, Barbara Nippet, and Trish Gibson, President of WGC; followed by a buffet lunch fit for royalty with exquisite desserts, situated in a dining room decorated elegantly with flowers and Spring decor; and of course, there were entrants from every club for the Garden Fashion Parade to be filmed by Roger Simpson, following the lunch.

Cooks Beach Garden Circle, Hei Mara Garden Club, Kaimarama Garden Circle and Kuaotunu Garden Club were in full attendance, along with Whitianga Garden Club members who were the hosts and organisers.

A huge thanks go to the President, Kath Gibson and her husband, Ken, for their weeks of preparation along with Kathy Everett, Secretary of the Garden Club.

Photo : Kathy Everett (Secretary) and Trish Gibson (President)


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