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Grant and Shona make Leisure Pools local

"They chose us,” says Shona Telfer, when she speaks about their new business, “Leisure Pools.”

It was offered to us. Grant’s brother was managing the Leisure Pools in New Zealand and they were looking for someone in this area. We live here at Cook’s Beach and we have been living and working here for 11 years; we were ready for a challenge.

Grant and Shona are not shy of the new challenge or hard work. They already own and manage Marquee solutions, their easy to assemble, multi-size structures plus furniture and lighting, enhancing many successful events on the Coromandel Peninsula.

When asked about how they got started in their life and business together, “We met in the wool shed,” laughs Shona. “I was a wool handler, and Grant was a shearer.” After ten years, they saved enough for their first farm. Grant says, “Our shearing days prepared us for our life together. We were always racing against the clock or racing against a fellow shearer, but it was always fun. Your body worked hard, but it was a good life.” After the farm, Grant and Shona bought a marine business in Rotorua and after a few years, moved to Cook’s Beach.

In a region where the ocean is everywhere, Shona and Grant believe that having a swimming pool is something sought after. “It’s a luxury item, we know, but the pool is also a means of bringing people together and many people love to swim in fresh water as well as the ocean. Families come for a holiday around the pool.” Looking at the many options for swimming pools offered by Leisure Pools through the Telfers, there is a joint swimming pool with spa pool option design and soon, stand alone spa pools will be available as part of their local business.

“We know Whitianga is growing and we will only do well, if the town does well, “ adds Grant.

“With Leisure Pools, Grant and I bring a lot of extra skills. In addition to doing a site visit, helping our clients decide what kind of pool they want, measuring up, drawing up a to-scale graph representation; Grant and I can help design and bring to completion the landscaping and decking as well as walk through the consent process with each household,” added Shona.

“Summertime is exciting here in Mercury Bay. The population almost explodes and there are lots of activities and events to enjoy. We look forward to it, it’s wonderful.”

For a swimming pool to happen, it takes time from the first conversation with clients to that first dive into the water. Now is the time to get started if you would like your pool to be ready for the summer.

Meanwhile, both Grant and Shona can’t stay away from physical exertion. To talk with the Informer, Grant paused his work which was building a neighbour’s shed and Shona parked the ride-on mower which does quite a few lawns at Cook’s Beach.

Leisure Pools Coromandel/Hauraki

Pictured: Shona and Grant Telfer bringing Leisure Pools to mercury Bay and the peninsula.

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