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Great Nights at Monkey House Theatre.

By Michelle Rhodes.

Kaspur and Molly Franke are truly providing the arts and culture variety that the Feasibility Study written about in last week’s The Informer will eventually reveal.

There’s been country, pop, heavy metal, jazz, blues, drama, comedy, all in the space of five months and even in this season of storms, where finding acts and getting them to the Coromandel Peninsula has been a huge challenge. Molly and Kaspur’s personal contacts with the arts and culture family in New Zealand have assisted this community very much in acquiring such variety.Sunday night, 30 April, the sensual six of Burlesque - Sugar Spanxs, Producer and Performer, along with Pandora Cherie, Miss Guided Gem, Saffira LaMore, Sir Vixen and Natalia Nox returned to the Monkey House Theatre in Coghill Street to a majority female audience. The tasteful, sexy, sassy dances featured feather boas and elegant underwear and were interlinked with witty humour and banter with the audience.

The ongoing improvement and great nightclub vibe received very positive comments from a large group of locals who had not been to the Monkey House for years.

Caption: Burlesque Girls.


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