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Great win for MBAS First XV!

The Mercury Bay First XV team was absolutely thrilled with their win, Coulter Cup winners, and so were their coaches, their school, and so is their community. Quite a large crowd of supporters had come from Whitianga for the game. It is the

first time since 2010 for Mercury Bay to win this coveted prize. The Coulter Cup began in 1938, and in all these years, Mercury Bay has won only twice now, 2023 being the second time. Cody Muir who is one of the coaches for the boys and very much present at the Whangamata Sports Ground cheering them on, was actually one of the players when the First XV fi rst won the Coulter Cup in 2010. (Cody speaks briefl y at the end of the match (see it on The Informer Facebook). It was such a great day and a very fi ne game was played by both sides. It was not at all a walkover for MBAS to reach their score of 32 over the Thames’ First XV score of 14.

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