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Happy New Year - Zoom in

Zoom in

Stephen Holme’s photo from Shakespeare point is a beautiful vista of reality and it is in our front yard. It’s within reach of anyone living on the Coromandel Peninsula. I hope it seems beautiful to you. Would it be as stunning a vista if I zoomed in for a close-up of all the parts? Whatever your beautiful view happens to be, can you zoom in for a close-up look? When you see the detail, there’s more beauty to grasp, but also needs, things that are wrong, some imbalance. Zooming in symbolically is an invitation to be involved, to be in the midst of the heart of things. It’s the same for humanity. Viewing people from afar, we are spectators of life, of the many shades and shapes of people. It’s so interesting to watch a passing parade of people. But we cant stay there if we are to really live. Zooming in, we become a part of the reality of people’s lives, confronted with needs, what is wrong, what is hurting and what can be amazingly inspiring. In the melee of peoples lives, which often includes our families, is the essence of a Happy New Year.

The Informer sincerely wishes a Happy New Year to every household, every person, every child.

Don’t be afraid to zoom in on things. You might be the solution or inspiration. Don’t be afraid to zoom in on situations. But there is no need to rush. Take a careful look at the big picture before you zoom in.

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