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Hats and not kākahu for Christmas Competition

Hats and not Kakahu for Christmas Competition

Te Roapu Whatu Kakahu celebrated their end of year with an amazing hat creations competition. The theme was natural and nature, and they were judged over their celebration lunch at Mercury Bay Club last Friday, 9 December.

With The Informer as the judge, there was Bess’ Melbourne Cup Flaxinator in third place, Shena’s Steam Christmas Punk ‘Whero’ and Vicki’s ‘Light Up your Life’ in second place and Deborah’s ‘Nui’ in first place. Everyone’s hat was a self- made creation.

This is a group of cloak makers – kakahu, a group of creatives, a group of friends. Under the leadership and tuition of Deborah Phillips (kaiako), the encouragement of Bess Kingi, and with the financial support of Social Services, this group began in August 2021. The purpose was to create and learn about kakahu (fully feathered cloak) and to, over the period of their weekly meetings, make a kakahu for their own family history.

The cloak made by Bess Kingi was dedicated to be used for significant community milestones such at the swearing-in ceremony of our new Mayor, Len Salt. Bess, being a newly inducted Community Board member, was present at the ceremony to place the kakahu around Mayor Len.

Caption: The women of Roapu Whatu Kakahu - Bess Kingi, Deborah Phillips, Susan Griffith, Sandy Gaskell, Sally Main, Vicki Southon, Adrienne Jervis, Shena Christine displaying their hat creations on the theme - ‘natural and nature’

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