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‘Have A Go’ Day - MB Bowls Club

‘Have A Go’ Day - Sunday, 16 October, 2.00pm

It looks a lot of fun and it almost looks easy. Graeme Goss assures me it is both fun and easy, when you know how. Graeme is not on his own in this enthusiasm. The members of the Mercury Bay Bowling and Sports Club are all ready to spend time teaching anyone who wants to know how to play or just see what’s involved. Graeme says, “Just come along and we will introduce you to this wonderful sport and provide you with all you need to, Have A Go.”

All who come will be shown how to “Roll the Bowl” and Crack the Jack.” Every one having a go will need to wear flat soled shoes or jandals and that’s about it. Play on the day is free and there is a sausage sizzle and refreshments available. It will be a relaxed social afternoon and it is something that the bowling club has not done for some time. Graeme says, “With covid largely behind us in the community, and with summer coming, it is the right time to have an open invitation.”

Graeme adds a little about his lawn bowling. “I took up bowling over 40 years ago when I gave up rugby as it was a bit vigorous. Then, I had to ease off squash, so I took up lawn bowls. I love it and I love the fact that you can play competition bowls, no matter what age you are.”

Early this century, the game of lawn bowls suffered a little, being stereotyped as a pursuit of older people. But now the trend is for any age, college students also taking up the game, and both women and men of all ages enjoy the nuances of the game, the fun of competition and its social value.

The Bowling Club has very fine facilities and is located at 92 Cook Drive, Whitianga.

Bowls originated in ancient Egypt and has been played in England since the 13th century. It waxed and waned in popularity until the 1800’s, when it experienced a revival, especially in Scotland. The Scots developed flat greens and drew up rules that remain largely unchanged and they brought the game to New Zealand.

Caption: This was taken at the Annual Seafood Bowling Tournament held recently at the Mercury Bay Bowling Club. Thirty two teams came from across the North Island to participate in two days of bowling. The members and friends of the MBBC hosted and helped the visitors.


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