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Having a ball...

By Pauline Stewart.

A fantastic student-led Ball for MBAS, 2023 last Saturday evening. This year it was held in the Town Hall which had experienced quite the make-over by the student team who decorated. Over 130 senior students and partners attended. Teachers dressed in their finest were also there. The DJ made the music to order and the floor shuddered with everyone on their feet or high heels getting into the dance fever. That sense of joy and abandon was on the dance floor in full measure.

Beauty and high fashion abounded in the young women and well- brushed and dapper would describe the young men. Ross Dunn Principal, was at the front entrance to greet all the students. One got the feeling there was quite a bit of pride sensed in what these students had achieved for their colleagues. When its good for the school and the students, it is good for the community.

Floyd Johnson photography ensured that everyone will have a memory and The Informer was there to bring you these images for the people of Mercury Bay and the Peninsula.

Caption: Winners:, from left: Best Dressed Girl - Indaria Bainbridge-Davies,

Princess - Courtney Till and Prince - Kevin Zhu,

Best Dressed Boy - Kyle Laker, King - Kael Robertson,

Queen - Josie Fairweather,

Cutest couple - Poppy Carpenter and Sam Ribet.


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