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Hawkes Bay Fundraiser with Tipene Harmer and a host of great musicians

Saturday, 25 February, at Monkey House Theatre. Entry is by generous KOHA. Call Molly if you can help in any way - 0220 330 720

Tipene Harmer is well known to many people in mercury bay. For his work with young people and his music. He is a creator of music and a recording artist and teaches many young people the art of their instrument and about recording. Tipene works from the Whitianga Social Services.

At this time Tipene needs this community’s practical support.

Since the cyclone, he has been searching to find a way to help his people. Tipene is from Hastings and his family and his people there have suffered very much because of Cyclone Gabrielle. Three maraes have been flooded and washed out, many are still living in gymnasiums, and on their maraes. Some maraes have had their cemeteries (urupas) overturned by floodwaters.

Tipene will help his whanau by having a fundraising concert. Molly and Kaspur of the Monkey House Theatre are supporting him all the way and so will our community. We are asking you to get behind it; come to the concert and support this cause. Food to sell on the night of the concert, raffles to run and ticket sales are needed. There will be seven genres of music presented, so something for everyone.


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