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Helping those who help others

Last Thursday, during National Volunteers Week, the Mercury Bay Lions Club took the opportunity to present Whitianga Menz Shed with a $2,000 cheque and the Mercury Bay Cancer Support Trust, the week prior, with a $3,000 cheque. This was in recognition of each charity’s considerable contributions to the community and their worthy causes.

As Jill Bowker of Mercury Bay Lions explains, the funds were gathered through ticket sales for their now cancelled fashion parade, that was initially supposed to be hosted in 2020, a bag and scarf sale and their recent Queen’s Birthday garage sale.

“Unfortunately we decided to cancel our fashion parade at the beginning of this year after two years of postponement due to the uncertainty faced under the covid traffic light system. 90% of the ticket holders chose to generously donate their ticket money rather than receive a refund, for which we are very grateful. I’d also like to thank the local pharmacies, the several retailers and all those who donated for all the support they have practically demonstrated. I can’t say more about this community, the generosity is unbelievable; it makes me quite emotional. We are hoping to enter the upcoming year with a big splash. Lots of ideas are brewing, including another fashion parade. We will definitely be strutting our stuff down the runway next year!”

Brian Mearns, Chairman of the Whitianga Menz Shed, stresses the importance of their cause. “Menz Shed is a safe space for men and their mental health. For some men this space is crucial,” states Brian. Currently, Whitianga Menz Shed does not have the room for all the men that are seeking to join, hence the charity’s ongoing fundraiser in acquiring a larger shed of which they have raised nearly $35,000. However, they are in need of another $100,000 to see their goal through to completion. The Menz Shed is good for the men but the projects we undertake, benefit the whole community. I’d like to express on behalf of all the members of the Whitianga Menz Shed how grateful we are to the Mercury Bay Lions for their very generous donation. Receiving this help, helps us help others.”

Pictured are the Mercury Bay Lions presenting Whitianga Menzshed with a $2000 cheque.

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