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Heritage Players Tairua - Hilarious Family Fun

An Evening of Entertainment.

On Saturday, November 11 the Informer was invited to attend the Tairua Heritage Players “Evening of Entertainment”. It was staged at the Tairua Bowling Club Rooms and what a night that was! A full house, 110 I think, laughed and guffawed at three short comedies written by local play rights. The atmosphere was warm, and it seemed the players were known by most in the audience.

The humour from the clever lines and unexpected situations was amplified by local knowledge. In some respects, the evening was rather like a large family gathering. For many in the audience the fun of the occasion was seeing people who they knew well let their hair down and act in a way that contrasted with their day-to-day persona.

There were three plays, all written by locals: “The Seventh Step” by Pam Ferla, “Board Rider Beauties” by Allison Smith and “What Else Could go Wrong” by Aurio Farquhar.

The short plays were separated by intermissions. During the second intermission delectable refreshments were provided to each table.

The proceeds from these performances are to go to the establishment of a Heritage Centre. The Heritage Players are committed to the creation of this purpose-built facility. It will be an extension of the current library.

The ‘Heritage Players’ are to be commended for encouraging the dramatic arts in what is a small community. Clearly presentations like this entail a huge amount of work. This in turn creates opportunity for community links to be formed. It’s all very well to think “Life’s a beach’. However, sea and sand are not enough for most of us humans. We need to feel we have friends, and to belong. Apart from and beyond drama, I am sure the Heritage Players meets the need for community and belonging for many people. Well done! The Cultural Centre, for which the town is working very hard to raise funds, is going to be a reality sooner than we think, with this kind of talent, commitment and determination.

Caption: The night closed with the full cast on stage receiving much applause from a very appreciative full house.


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