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Hey hey hey, it’s a beautiful day

That’s how the song goes, but it was true for the Mercury Bay Home Brewing Brewing Club judging on a Saturday afternoon.

It all started in 1979, the first Home Brewing Club brews were made and judged and sampled. The competition gets better every time and by the feel of the joyful Saturday afternoon, so does the taste. About 60 people gathered at the Mercury Bay Bowling Club on Saturday afternoon for the sampling and judging of the home brews which included beer, and liqueurs. Neil Reynolds, the President, hosted the programme and co-ordinated the tasting by the judges – the judging is which is based on a point system out of 20 points. There are about 55 members of the club and they have two competitions a year with an end of year Bar B Que at John Simpsons Ake Ake Farm.

Enquiries regarding the competition and membership: email

SPONSORS: We really appreciate the generosity of our sponsors;

Drainage Systems, P.C. Electrical, Mowers Plus, Smitty’s Bar and Grill, Mercury Bay Pharmacy , Hair by Laura, Glass House, Emporium, Mainly casual, KK Kuaotunu Store, The French Fig, Whitianga Ice Supplies, Old Mate Distillery.

First place for the best beer was Ian Baldock.

A tie for second place in the best beer category was Neil Rose and Scott McCleery.

First place for the best Single malt Whiskey was Robert Spencer.

Jacko, Scott McCleery, Boyd Kasca (Reserve Judge), Neil Reynolds, Ian Baldock, Neil Rose (pourer), Robert Spencer, John McQuillan (Judge) Steve Epsworth (Judge) .

Neil and Scott – tie for second place – best beer

Robert Spencer with President Neil Reynolds – first prize malt whiskey.

Ian Baldock receiving first prize for best beer.

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