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Hi from Tim and Niklas

By Pauline Stewart.

Tim Thyssen and Nicklaus Hoeller are from Germany. They have got part-time work at OPC (OP Columbia), Whitianga.

At 18 and 19 respectively, they are on a ten-to-twelve-month adventure to see and experience New Zealand and will stay in Whitianga for a while, earning some money for their adventure. They love being here.

Tim had just finished his college (high school) years.

“I had some inspiration and ideas about what I would like to do and where I would continue my education. But this is also a breaking point in my life, the best time to go travelling, meet new people and have new experiences. I researched as to where I could go. My Dad has connections with the seafood industry in New Zealand and my friend in Germany had been on a working holiday in New Zealand and spoken well of her experience. She recommended I try it.”

For Nicklas, he visited Tim’s home one day after college and saw the travel brochure advertising New Zealand. He read it and saw how beautiful and how adventurous it seemed. “I thought, if Tim is going, I wonder if I can go too.”

So began part time work in between study for both boys. “I worked for my grandpa doing gardening and he paid me,” said Niklas.

“I got a job as a waiter and a cook at a restaurant. It was good and I enjoyed it.” said Tim.

These two young men have been in New Zealand for over a month travelling around the Coromandel Peninsula and are now enjoying the opportunity to spend time in Whitianga, working to save for the next leg of their Kiwi adventure.

Both Nicklas and Tim spoke about how IFS (International Friendship Society) was a huge help in preparation for their big journey and when they first arrived in New Zealand.

“We booked our journey with IFS and they organised our visas and IRD nos. When we arrived, IFS had a four-day orientation which helped us know the best experiences to take advantage of, helped with the Apps that would be best to use to find cheap accommodation, low-cost food, where work was available. We also met a lot of others looking forward to experiencing New Zealand at this orientation,” said Tim.

Both Tim and Nicklas hope they can learn how to surf while they are in Whitianga. They are also keen to learn how to dive. ‘Nicklas is a drummer with over a decade of drumming and Tim is a very keen sportsman.

The informer asked how it was travelling together - did they annoy each other sometimes.

They both smiled and said, yes but that it’s quite normal and we just sort it out.

Getting up early before the sun rises to work at OPC is a challenge.’

Tim and Nicklas can be contacted through The Informer office.

Caption: Nicklaus (left) and Tim enjoy the walk along Buffalo Beach.


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