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I May Be Biased

By John Pratt

There hasn’t been a better day for outdoor sport recently, and record numbers turned out to try their hand at lawn bowls in Whitianga on Sunday. Some of the club’s more experienced players were on hand to coach newcomers through the basics of the game. It’s harder than it looks. A weight in one side of the bowls ball helps the ball to track in a curved direction, depending mainly on the speed of the ball.

Old hands will tell you that there’s no substitute for practice and experience in bowling, but some first-time bowlers really showed their hand, landing their balls on target at their first couple of attempts. That’s obviously an encouraging way to start, but for those keen to take up the sport, the Whitianga Bowling Club is a thriving social club with first-rate facilities, including all-weather greens. If you missed Sunday’s “have a go” day, you’re always welcome to come along to the clubrooms and try your hand.

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