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International Kiwi Physician to lead 'Living Well' workshop

The Seventh Day Adventist community has been very active sharing their well-known and appreciated understanding of healthy cooking and eating, with classes in the Town Hall over the past few months. Due to their popularity and the tide of health concerns that have been a part of the last two years for most people; they are organising and hosting the visit of a very qualified and prominent kiwi on the subject of Living Well.

Gary Fraser, a kiwi born in Christchurch, is a physician having graduated from Otago and also with a PhD in epidemiology from Auckland University. He holds the role of Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, Loma Linda University, California and has been a practising cardiologist for 40 years.

Gary has been the Director of one of the largest studies in the world focusing on plant-based diets, for 35 years. His research focus has been on diet, longevity, chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes.

Loma Linda University is a major Medical Centre and hospital and health science university, located about 60 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Nearly 120 years old, and one of the largest medical schools west of the Mississippi. The new hospital has 16 floors, and the institution also includes 3-4 other smaller hospitals. University Board and management is Seventh-day Adventist, but many faculty, staff and students subscribe to other religious faiths. Frequently receives a national award as one of the best places to work in the Western United States.

The workshop is at 1.30pm Saturday, 28 January, in Whitianga Town. Hall.; cost is a koha to assist with hall rental. Enquiries: 021 665 958


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