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It’s a lot like Christmas

It’s a lot like Christmas

Food packages and Christmas gifts for 60 families and households

The Christmas tree that was full of gift tags is now empty and where it was bare at the base of the tree is now brimming with gifts from the community. This was early Monday morning at Guthrie Bowen owners, Jules and Rachael have been very moved by the generosity of the community - “ it is the most generous we have seen” There are small gifts, so thoughtful with beautiful messages and there are are big presents - new bikes and scooters – all given by people in Mercury Bay. The gifts are tailored in that people know the age and gender and interests of the person for whom they are buying a gift. Every tag disappeared from the tree at Guthrie Bowron and was replaced by a gift at the base of the tree. Thank you to Jules and Rachael of GB for advertising to everyone about the tree and the gift tags each week.

Moving to Monday midday, 20 December of this past week, and all the gifts have been delivered to Whitianga Social Services in Cook Street.


Now the gifts will be joined with food packages for all the families in need in this region.

Stacey Gaskell the Programme Co-ordinator for Whitianga Social Services and the organiser with Guthrie Bowron of this wonderful project says, “It’s very moving when a smaller business in town goes out of their way to provide such a large amount of food. It has been a difficult year for many families and households. The food packages and the Christmas gifts don’t solve everything but they give hope and encouragement and actually put food on the table and they ensure Santa comes to a home in need on Christmas Eve.” Over 60 homes will be visited in the next few days before Christmas with the gifts and with food and care packages

Stacey thanks 4 Square and the many individuals who remain anonymous who have provided money to buy other food items for the packages. “I also want to thank North Real Estate for the sweets they gathered at their office and from townspeople and donated.The Hauraki Maori Trust Board has provided extra food for the Christmas packages to that which they normally give throughout the year to supplement the Foodbank supplies


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