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Junior mixed team wins division

A movie night at the Mercury Bay Twin Cinemas in Whitianga, watching the movie, ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ was the end season celebration choice for MBAS Junior Mixed Football team. The interval time was their prize -giving ceremony.

The good news for everyone was that this team won their Division. The season champion decision came down to goal difference, after three of the eight teams finished with the same points. Mercury Bay scored a staggering 40 goals in 10 games.

The team played in the Waikato Junior Boys Competition Year 9 and 10 Boys. “What makes the achievement sweeter is our team was a mix of eight boys from Years 8, 9 and 10 and six girls from Year 9. A lot of the teams were bigger and more physical. It took a team unity and team spirit approach to be successful,” says Shane Comber, their coach. He added,

“This was the first time many of the kids would have won a football Championship medal, as no scores/league results are kept until this age.”

Player of the Year: Samantha Chamberlain

Players Player: Arlo Hert

Goal of the season: Harry Williscroft

“The MBAS Football teams have worked hard at their game and their fundraising this year and we are grateful for the strong parental support and involvement in assisting the coach and the young people. It is about much more than a game. We do it for the sake of the whole development of our young people and children,” says Dean Allen, one of the Managers.


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